Quality is the absolute premise for us. Quality promises both safety and longevity and thus sustainability. The materials used are all carefully selected and of very high quality. When selecting suppliers, we proceed conscientiously and choose partners who meet our qualitative and ecological requirements. In order to minimize transport distances, almost all components of our products (Cordura, mesh, net knitted fabric, upholstery, plastic elements, protector, etc.) come from Germany and are certified to the highest standards and therefore extremely hard-wearing and of excellent quality. Our Czech partner has over 20 years of know-how in the field of textile serial production. Due to its competences and the joint preparation of the processes, these can be continuously simplified and optimized and we can guarantee the highest quality. The technical components are manufactured by a long-term cooperation partner at the Chiemsee. The construction of all technical components is carried out by ourselves in Munich. We also do the final assembly ourselves at our location, which means every backpack goes over the table once again and the error rate is almost zero.




From the very beginning of our idea, it was clear to us that sustainability will be the central point for all decisions. We want to live up to our responsibility to people and nature. Therefore fair working conditions within the complete value-added process are indispensable for us. All our production partners are located in Germany, only the sewing work is carried out with our partner in the Czech Republic.

For the Czech site, we can ensure high standards of pay, working conditions and security based on EU regulations. We have carefully selected our partners so that we can ensure social and fair conditions within the companies. We spent a lot of time in the Czech Republic to get a true picture of the work environment and, in addition, we were able to establish a more personal relationship with our employees. For textile mass production, we initially looked for a local partner or at least in Germany, but at the moment cooperation with such a company was not possible due to the necessary capacities. Furthermore, we are always looking for a paver in Germany to have everything produced here.



Sustainability is an absolute priority for us. For this reason, we develop and design our own innovative technologies in Munich. The series of components is produced by our partner at the Chiemsee. We also develop the textile design in-house, the sewing of the prototypes is carried out in Tettnang on Lake Constance. Our Czech production partner carries out the textile series production, by the EU membership of the Czech Republic we can ensure standards of environmental protection. The short distances between us and our partners also keep our ecological footprint relatively small and also greatly simplify communication and coordination.


The attributes of sustainability and environmental awareness are groundbreaking principles for us. Our production partners are selected accordingly. Czech textile production in the EU, as well as our partners based in Germany, are subject to strict environmental protection standards.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we try to keep the delivery routes as short as possible and concentrate on manufacturers from our regional environment. The textiles used are i.a. Oeko-Tex certified, REACH certified or comply with relevant DIN regulations.

Together with our partners, we are constantly optimizing our entire value chain in order to produce more resource-saving, more efficient and more environmentally friendly products. As far as possible, we work paperlessly and in terms of the origin of our idea in our office in Munich as a matter of course: the absolute majority comes to the office by bike.


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