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The HIKE AND BIKE PRO set is perfect for the ambitious mountain bike climber who has to overcome some carrying passages on his day tour. Thanks to the supplied CASUAL MODULE, multi-day tours can also be carried out with this set.
The included free Add Bag and the free Hip Bag expand the volume for small parts. In addition, the mobile phone is always at hand thanks to the Phone Bag.

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  • The BASEPACK 8L provide the basis for the modularity.

    The Basepack is fitted with:


    4-Point-Connection to mount all modules



    Back protector



    Innovative loop system for attaching various additional bags



    Possibility to connect a hydration system


  • Module for easy carrying a bicycle.

    All bicycles, from children's bikes to mountain or enduro bikes, can be easily carried by this module.

    It can easily be attached to the basepack true to the:




  • The CASUAL MODULE 15L is the perfect storage extension for the BASEPACK 8L.

    It can easily be attached directly to the BASEPACK 8L but also to the BIKE MODULE true to the:




  • Fits the BASEPACK 8L and the CASUAL MODULE 15L.
  • With the Water Bottle SET you have the opportunity to bring the bottle to both the bike (Twist Base) and the backpack (Tex Base).
Hip Bag (free)
Hip Bag (free)
  • The Hip Bag can be attached quickly and easily. It adapts optimally to the hip belt of the BASEPACK 8L. When using the CASUAL MODULE 15L it can be attached to the carrying strap. The Hip Bag is perfect for storing keys and money.
Add Bag (free)
Add Bag (free)
  • Add Bag for the perfect extension of the BASEPACK 8L.

    Attachment at different positions of the basepack by using of the:


    Innovative loop in system


Phone Bag (free)
Phone Bag (free)
  • Phone Bag with loop in system. Suitable for iPhone X and similar.
  • Phone Bag with loop in. Suitable iPhone XS MAX and similar.
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Delivery: Basepack 8L, Bike Module, Casual Module 15L, Raincover, Water Bottel set, Add Bag (free), Hip Bag (free), Phone Bag (free)

Volume: Basepack 8 liters
             Casual Module 15 liters
             Water Bottle 0.6 liter
             Add Bag approx. 0.4 liter
             Hip Bag approx. 0.4 liter
             Phone Bag approx. 0.3 Liter

Weight: Basepack 1180 g
            Bike Module 450 g
            Casual Module 675 g
            Accessories ca. 250 g

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