Basepack 8L

Yes, the BASEPACK 8L has a packing volume of 8 litres. The access to the main compartment is via a zipper at the back. All important stuff for a day trip can be stored there. You can also put a drinking bladder of up to 2 litres into it.
Yes. The protector is from the company SAS TEC from Munich. The protector is tested and certified and is removable.
The protector is removable. After a fall you should examine the protector carefully. In case of permanent pressure points, damages and/or deformations you should replace it.
Yes, in the BASEPACK 8L fits perfectly a drinking bubble with up to 2 liters volume. The drinking tube can be pulled out at the side.
Der Protektor ist herausnehmbar. Nach einem Sturz solltest du den Protektor genau untersuchen. Bei dauerhaften Druckstellen, Beschädigungen und/oder Deformationen solltest du ihn auswechseln.
All OUTENTIC accessories (Water Bottle, Add Bag, Phone Bag) can be attached variably to the loop options. The loop options are placed at the shoulder straps, the hip belt, at the right and left bottom at the BASEPACK 8L.
First, we recommend tightening the shoulder straps slightly, closing the hip belt and tightening it slightly. Then loosen the shoulder straps slightly and position the hip belt so that it lies on the upper edge of the pelvic bone. Now the hip belt can be tightened again and the shoulder straps tightened. Make sure that the position of the hip belt is not changed. Finally, the chest strap is adjusted to a comfortable height and tightened so that it does not hinder breathing. The chest strap can be adjusted by pulling the two hooks out of the flaps and hooking them into another flap. There is also a whistle on the buckle of the chest strap to make yourself noticed in an emergency. When carrying a bicycle, the straps, especially the shoulder straps, may have to be tightened again.
Yes our main material 'Cordura' is waterproof. The seams are not welded and therefore the backpack is not 100% waterproof. In our accessories you will find a raincover, then the number is 100% safe.
No. The BASEPACK 8L is unisex designed. If there are different models for ladies and gentlemen, we will inform you.
Absolutely. We still have a lot on our hands! We'll inform you immediately, through all our channels, when the time comes.
The best way is to clean the backpack and the modules by hand with fresh water or simply spray it with water. The Cordura is easy to clean and the dirt is easily removed by its coating. For stubborn dirt you can use gentle detergents (neutral soap). Then let the backpack dry in the air. Please note that no mechanical drying or heat sources are used.


In principle, all modules are attached to the BASEPACK 8L via the 4-point-connection. The BIKE MODULE is screwed to the BASEPACK without tools. Due to the screw connection we can guarantee absolute safety.
The two hooks on the BIKE MODULE can be easily adjusted in axial as well as in radial direction via a groove. Any bike can thus be carried. There are just two limitations: The maximum weight of the bike is 25kg and the maximum width of the down tube is 80mm.
To pick up the bike, the left pedal should be placed in a horizontal, rear facing position. The bike frame is then hooked into the hooks of the BIKE MODULE so that the lower hook carries the seat tube and the upper hook carries the down tube. The bike can now be lifted by the left shoulder strap and the backpack with bike is picked up like a normal backpack.
The two hooks can be adjusted axially and radially. The hook on the left tube is adjusted according to your height. The hook on the upper tube is adjusted so that you have enough distance between your head and the handlebar. The further up the left hook is and the further right the upper hook is, the more inclined the bike is in the BIKE MODULE and vice versa. With the clamping rings you fix the position so that you only have to adjust it once.
Due to the position of the centre of gravity of a bike, it always swings optimally into the BIKE MODULE when the hooks are adjusted correctly. Thus the bike is always in the right position, even in rough terrain, and the freedom of hand gives the wearer the security of being able to master difficult passages safely.
The two biggest advantages: the BIKE MODULE gives you absoulte hand freedom and therefore more safety. Secondly, due to the position of the bike, the main force is directly at the hip and this is optimally introduced and distributed into the hip belt by our crash element. The load is not on the neck and the force does not go directly on the spine, which is the shoulder of the bikes.
The combination of BASEPACK 8L and BIKE MODULE weighs 1630g.
In the BASEPACK 8L you have space for all the essential utensils for a day trip and a water bladder up to 2 liters.
Yes, the screws on the BIKE MODULE are compatible with the CASUAL MODULE 15L lock. So you can first connect the BIKE MODULE to the BASEPACK 8L and then the CASUAL MODULE 15L to the BIKE MODULE.
You can attach the CASUAL MODULE 15L to your bike. The picture shows you how:

Casual Module 15L

In principle, all modules are attached to the BASEPACK 8L via the 4-point-connection. The CASUAL MODULE 15L is attached to the BASEPACK 8L via the four magnetic mechanical snaps. To remove, the upper trigger is pulled and finally the module can be pulled upwards.
The CASUAL MODULE 15L has a maximum capacity of 15 litres.
Yes our main material 'Cordura' is waterproof. However, the seams are not welded and therefore the backpack is not 100% waterproof. In our accessories you will find a Raincover, then the number is safe.
Yes, in order to use the CASUAL MODULE 15L individually, the carrying strap (included with the CASUAL MODULE 15L) must be attached to the module. This is clipped into the buckles of the CASUAL MODULE 15L with its plastic pin - one end of the goods on one of the two lower buckles and the other on one of the two upper buckles. Optionally, you can order a second strap and use the CASUAL MODULE 15L as a normal backpack with two shoulder straps.
Yes, the screws on the BIKE MODULE are compatible with the CASUAL MODULE 15L lock. So you can first connect the BIKE MODULE to the BASEPACK 8L and then the CASUAL MODULE 15L to the BIKE MODULE.
The CASUAL MODULE 15L has an integrated soft laptop case.
The carrying strap can be removed from the lower buckle by pulling the pin downwards. The upper buckles are released by pulling the trigger.


Shipping within Germany takes approx. 2 - 3 days. The dispatch into the EU takes approx. 3 - 4 days.
Shipping within Germany costs 5 Euro. For all other countries you will find a shipping cost calculator during the ordering process.
You have a warranty period of 2 years on all our products. The warranty covers construction, material and manufacturing defects. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, as well as own or third party negligence are not guaranteed. In the event of a warranty claim, we will take care of everything, you will receive a new product and we will bear the return shipping costs.
You can return your order within 3 days of purchase. Apply for a return ticket and a printout for the return reason by email: www.help@outentic.com. Then you take the package to the post office. You bear the costs for this yourself, unless the circumstances are covered by the guarantee, in which case we will bear the costs for the return.
Yes, if you received a faulty product, we will immediately take it back and you will get a new product or your money back. Fill out the return form and send the product back to us. In this case we will of course cover the return costs. Apply for the return slip by e-mail: help@outentic.com
Yes, if you have a product to be repaired, the situation will be the same as for a return shipment. After we have received your goods, we will send you an estimate for the repair by e-mail. Once we have your OK, you will have your product back in a few days. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the product, unless it is covered by the warranty.
If you need spare parts, please write us an email: help@outentic.com. We have many parts of us in Munich and will certainly find a solution together.


OUTENTIC is a young and dynamic team from Munich. After weeks of brainstorming for the brand name, we got it: OUTENTIC! OUTENTIC is a mix of the two words outdoor and authenticity.
Please send us an e-mail: help@outentic.com. We will then get in touch with you.
All our partners are in Munich or 4 - 5 hours away from Munich. The development and the design are done in our office in Munich. The construction parts are produced at the Chiemsee and the textile production is done by our partner in the Czech Republic. We also carry out the final assembly directly at our premises in Munich.
In accordance with our mission statement, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature. We try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. By being close to our partners, we reduce CO2 emissions. Due to our certified substances, fewer pollutants enter the water cycle. We all come to the office by bike or public transport and work paperless as far as possible. There are many points that can and must still be implemented, but we pay attention to the environment and a good start has definitely been made.
You are always welcome to visit us in our office in Munich and try and touch everything. We don't have any stores yet. Otherwise, we are regularly represented at numerous events and trade fairs. You can find more information under the 'News' tab on our website. Just subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date and know where we are.